Development is where Don Barth comes riding in like the proverbial knight in shining armor (okay . . . a middle-aged balding guy with a laptop). Then you say "Don, I need something really neat that gives my sales guys another tool when they go out on a call." Or "How 'bout an interactive program where people can log on to get more information about my company?" Or (our personal favorite,) "Don, you're incredible—a veritable genius. Grow my business using some of that fancy stuff of yours."

We can do that. And although Don is the first to admit he's more Pollack than Picasso when it comes to art, he has associated with quite a few near-masters in his travels. Enough to put together an impressive team of experienced people that will drive your project from concept to production.

Like consulting, we're there at every step of the project, but here we take charge of the project and, with your goal at the very forefront of our minds, we spearhead it from start to dazzling, cost-effective finish.

Development means creating:
* Sales support CD-ROMs
* Public and trade show kiosks
* Interactive product catalogs
* Interactive virtual tours
* World Wide Web pages

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