What Is Interactive Media?
At one time, your communications options were limited to simple print and video. Today, new media like this CD-ROM, the World Wide Web and technology like voice recognition, digital imaging, kiosks and touchscreens mean you have an incredible array of tools that make your project stronger and more impactful.

But if you don't have an experienced and intuitive guide to see you through this maze called new media, you'll fall flat on your interface. Enter Barth New Media. We're your architect, your builder and your contractor—hell, we'll even carry your over the threshold if you like—to help you use these new media tools to build your business.

So whether it's a trade show kiosk targeting potential customers (or to keep customers in your booth when your reps are swamped with eager people), an interactive sales presentation that arms your reps with a real-live product demonstrations to persuade even the most jaded client, a web page that lets customers log in at their leisure to find our more about what your product can do for them or a CD-ROM that lets them virtually tour your facility in search of solutions, Barth New Media has the experience and know-how to determine and implement the most effective medium for your message.

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